The flow

What is the core problem that going with the Flow will help you address ?

Many organisations run with strategic and financial plans, databases with real activity data, project management, and individuals with their own tasks and calendars running on separate systems. As a result of the issues associated with trying to make use of, and align, the information in all these different areas there are blizzards of emails between people trying to make best use of the information they have.

The Flow provides a platform where such systems are far more integrated and so, as an example, instead of emailing about a task that needs to be undertaken it can be assigned and accepted and then progressed with those who need to know kept up to date on what others are doing for them.

As a first step going with the flow will reduce your email volumes and you will gain better insight into key work progress.

Once in the flow the doubt/unknown and idea management capability will start to deliver a whole new layer of insight.

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