UPDATE- 03.12.2018, none of this matters. I am writing a book

Born under the smoke of Amsterdam I spent my childhood growing up in the Netherlands during the very free thinking 80's. The 90's were spent in booming bohemian London, starting on Oxford Circus and ending at Fleet street. A return to the Netherlands during the dawn of the fibre era saw me witness the internets first true transformation up close. When I watched the European fibre backbone being switched on it was obvious that the world had changed.

Soon after this event it became obvious I as a person was no longer suited to the suit and Enough Said was born, our first contract was the intranet for Akzo Nobel Netherlands, the reason; our quote was 4 pages, our competitors quotes were 75+ pages. We won the contract, we delivered what we promised on time and on budget. Enough Said.

Thats was then, 2003, now I go with the flow. I think you should to.